Leather Flagpole Holster with Insert Bucket

Leather Flagpole Holster

Ceremonial Carrying Pole with Gold Tassels

Ceremonial Leather Gauntlets with PVC Cuff

Flagpole Inside Leather Holster with Insert Bucket

8 foot Lightwood Ceremonial and 7 foot Darkwood Ceremonial Poles

Ceremonial Accessories

To complement our ranges of ceremonial Standards and Ensigns we have a full range of accessories.

Wooden Carrying Poles

Available in:

Manufactured in two sections with brass fittings, can also be supplied with chrome fittings. These are available at a premium and may be subject to minimum order quantities.

Cords & Tassels

Finest quality braided cords and tassels made from art silk provide the perfect finishing detail for many ceremonial flags.

Standard sizes are 5' and 9'. They are available in the following combinations:

Each comes with a pre-formed loop at the top to fit over the tip of the carrying pole.

Brass Spear Point mounts

Hand turned mounts are manufactured from solid brass, they feature a smooth highly polished finish and can be fitted to any of our ceremonial poles.

Brass Inserts

To complete the full carrying strap assembly. The insert fits into the bucket of our leather carrying straps providing a precise and secure base for the carrying pole.

Special Commissions

We can undertake the design and manufacture of special pole finials.


Leather Ceremonial Gauntlets have a PVC cuff, available in small, medium & large with other sizes to order.