Sea Cadet Standard

Ceremonial Standard for the Parachute Regiment

Regimental Standard on Parade

Royal Ulster Constabulatory Ceremonial Standard

Royal British Legion Ceremonial Standard

Royal British Legion Flags on Parade

Ceremonial Standards

Porters have a long history of supplying flags to the MOD & military associations. We are proud to be a supplier to the Royal British Legion and many Ex-Service Associations. Standards are also made for Sea, Air & Army Cadet Forces. They are manufactured from the finest materials.

Each standard is hand made, bearing the association or regimental crest, the branch name and finished with ornamental braid & trimmings. We can add Panels for awards, trophies and honours.

To complement each Standard see our accessories page for a full range of poles, carrying straps, brass wear and trimmings.

Standards for the Royal British Legion

Porters are the preferred supplier of ceremonial standards to the Royal British Legion. We manufacture to the precise nationally approved patterns. British Legion Standards are often in service for more than 40 years so the correct manufacure is critical.

We can supply a full range of Anniversary Pennants. Scrolls and Stars can be added for Lister Cup, Haig Cup and Maurice Cup Awards.

Our accessories are manufactured to compliment the standards, again these match the nationally approved designs. Carry bags and flag winding cloths are available to ensure your precious flag is looked after.