Maritime Bunting

Signal Flags

Windsock at an Airfield

Landscape Cricket Club Flag

Porters' Union Flag Draped Over Churchill's Coffin

Porters' Union Flag Used as a Coffin Drape

Civil Flags

Maritime flags

Porters was founded in the heart of the port of Liverpool and the root of our business was supplying ensigns and flags to the Merchant Navy, Port authorities, Shipping & Cruise lines that filled the busy harbour. Today we supply the maritime and marine leisure industry throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Flags for Clubs and Associations

Many sporting, religious, and youth associations have a history of using ceremonial flags & ensigns. We are a proud supplier of flags to the Scout & Guide Associations, as well as making flags for Cubs, Beavers & Brownies. Each flag is made to the nationally approved patterns and finished with the individual group's name. Flags for many other groups including, the Boys & Girls Brigade, the Salvation Army, and many of the nation's football, rugby, cricket and other sporting clubs are available.


Windsocks are an essential requirement for many industrial and commercial sites, as well as airfields and offshore facilities. Manufactured from high visibility materials in a range of sizes. Heavy duty finishing ensures minimal maintenance and excellent longevity.

Coffin Drapes

To honour the achievements, and memory of those who have passed away our coffin drapes are available in a range of sizes. Traditionally 7'6" x 3'9". We can also offer the alternate size of 8ft x 5ft which is a good fit for many coffins, allowing the drape to fully wrap on all sides.

Porters have made drapes for many distinguished figures but, most notably supplied the drape used for Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral in 1965.

Traditionally used by Military and Police Forces we can manufacture coffin drapes for all organisations. We can also supply National Flags finished for coffin use. Modern digital print technology enables us to produce one-off coffin drapes for individuals to commemorate their support for sporting clubs and associations. We are sensitive to the needs of those organising funerals and can deliver drapes at short notice we will always ensure we deliver by the date agreed, when the order is placed.