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What size of flag

The most common proportions for flags are 2:1 and 3:2; in general terms, British and Commonwealth Flags are the former; whilst European and African countries meet the latter proportions. As the size of a flag is measured by its length or fly, and the shorter flagpole breadth is called the hoist, a 3 yard Union Jack is thus made 9 feet long by 4.5 feet wide, whilst the correct size of an Italian flag is 9 feet long by 6 feet wide.

When determining the the correct size of flag for your flagpole, it is necessary to know whether the flagpole is set at groundlevel or on top of a building. A rough guide for ground level mounting is 3 feet length of flag for every 10 feet height of pole; thus a 30 foot flagpole will require a 9 feet long flag. The size can be increased where the flagpole is on top of a building ,but in these circumstances there is no simple guide as the height of the building and overall proportions have to be taken into account. In all cases, it should be ensured that the flag will not catch or rub against any supportings stays, parapets or other obstructions, either when flying or hanging limp on the pole, as this will obviously cause it to wear out very quickly.

There is growing modern trend to copy the popular Continental "portrait" style of advertising flag i.e. having the longest measurement of the flag parallel with the flagpole. This generally means a larger size of flag can be flown than the standard "landscape" pattern, and also the fly edge does not seem to wear as much.

Porters will be pleased to give advice should there still be any doubt as to the size and type of flag required.

Our Partners

We work with a number of other flag providers in the UK, and have built up some trusted relationships in our many years of being one of the UK's premier flag makers. One company we have built a reputation with is Flags By Post.

Taking care of your flag

As with any article, a little thought and attention will help you to get the maximum life from your flag. A few helpful suggestions to this end are given below:

  1. Try to take your flag down each night; it cannot be seen and this will appreciably extend its good condition.
  2. Always allow the flag to dry thoroughly before folding and storing away.
  3. Do not fly your flag in gale force winds - remember that a ship's flag can easily blow out on a single crossing of the Atlantic. If necessary, a smaller "storm" flag should be flown as this will not be so badly affected.
  4. Clean your flag regularly; this is important as the dirt and acids in the atmosphere readily attack the synthetic fibres of the cloth. Use only a mild washing powder or detergent. NEVER DRY CLEAN.
  5. Inspect the flag on a regular basis for any indication of wear or fraying. At the first sign return it immediately to the manufacturer for repair.

Porters maintain a full clean and repair service at a minimal charge, and this is especially beneficial to the more expensive flags that we produce.

Flag Flying Days

Day Event Location
January 20th Birthday of The Countess of Wessex Union
January 26th Australia Day Australian
February 6th Anniversary of Her Majesty the Queens's Accession Union
February 8th New Zealand Commonwealth Day New Zealand
February 19th Birthday of Prince Andrew Union
March 1st St. David's Day Welsh Standard - Red Dragon (to be flown in Wales only).
March 10th Birthday of The Earl of Wessex Union
March 17th St. Patrick's Day Union or St. Patrick's Cross
April 2nd Commonwealth Day Union
April 21st Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen Union
April 23rd St. George's Day St. George's Cross (to be flown in England)
May 9th E.C Day E. C. Flag
June 2nd Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen Union
June 1st or 2nd Saturday Official Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen Union
June 10th Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh Union
June 21st Birthday of Prince William Union
July 1st Canada Day Canada
August 15th Birthday of The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) Union
September 15th Birthday of Prince Harry Union
October 21st Trafalgar Day Union
October 24th United Nations Day United Nations
November (2nd Sunday) Remembrance Day Union
November 14th Birthday of the Prince of Wales Union
November 20th Her Majesty the Queen's Wedding Anniversary Union
November 30th St. Andrew's Day St. Andrew's Cross (to be flown in Scotland only)
Every Day Your own flag


The Union flag should be flown in the Greater London area on the day of the opening of a session Of the Houses of Parliament and also on the day of the prorogation of a session of the Houses of Parliament.