Flagpole with Horizontal Wall Mount Bracket

Flagpoles with External Halyard

Flagpoles with Angled Wall Mount Brackets

Flagpole with Rotating Arm

Flagpole with Internal Halyard and Weighted Collar

Installing a Glassfibre Flagpole at St.Peter & St.Paul Parish Church, Norfolk


Glassfibre Flagpoles

Glassfibre construction allows the manufacture of these highly cost-effective poles, which feature a very desirable, smooth, tapered and single-section design.

For those who wish to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of an elegant single-piece pole, this high-quality range presents the ideal opportunity:

All our Glassfibre poles can be supplied with robust and high-quality hinged bases for ease of installation and servicing. Wall mount systems are also available. Halyards can be external, or internal for greater security, noise reduction and aesthetic appeal. Sizes from 5 - 15 metres from stock.


The Halyard is the rope used to hoist the flag to the top of the pole. They can be rigged in several ways to suit your requirements.

Internal - Glassfibre poles are available with either an access door with cleat or crank handle system. Both are extremely easy to use and are complete with a weighted collar to maintain flag tension.

External - A sturdy plastic cleat enables external halyards to be secured. The quality braided nylon cord is durable and smart.

Base Plates - All Glassfibre flagpoles come complete with a hinged base and ground cage, enabling straightforward installation and easy maintenance.

Portable Flagpoles

Portable flagpoles make it possible to fly the flag whatever the location. Used at sporting events, shows, exhibitions, retail premises and motor dealerships across the country, these robust poles are a mainstay of many outdoor events. Their versatility and ease of use makes them a hassle free option.


We offer a full installation and maintenance service, speak to our sales team for more information.