Sewn Union Flag

French and European Union Flag

The Union Flag Flying on a Navy Aircraft Carrier

National Flags Outside the Houses of Parliament

Porters' Union Flag and St George Flag above 10 Downing Street

Flags of the Home Nations

National Flags

You name the country... We can supply the flag. Available in 10 standard sizes with others to order. Flags come in every shape and size, from finest quality sewn national flags and they are also available dye printed. There is no better way to be patriotic than with a flag.

Types of flag:

Porters are suppliers of traditional hand-made high quality national flags. These are an all-sewn construction, using woven polyester and finished with a headband, rope and toggle, ready to fly. These superior flags are supplied around the world for government buildings and embassies. They represent a first class choice whatever the venue.

For complex designs, digital print is a cost-effective way to produce national flags. Manufactured from knitted polyester and finished with a headband, rope and toggle (or flag clips) these flags are perfectly able to withstand outdoor use. The anticpated life span of a digitally printed flag is 3-6 months.