Coffin Drape for Winston Churchill’s Funeral 1965

6 June 1944 D-Day Landing Admiral Ramsey Naval Commander in Chief

1912 Captain Scott’s South Pole expedition

Opening of the Mersey Tunnel 1934

Coffin Drape for Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997

1982 Sir Ranulph Fiennes expedition to the North Pole

Porters' History

First 50 Years

Porters of Liverpool were originally set up during the years before the advent of the First World War by Herbert Gordon Porter. At that time, there were no flag makers in the city and the shipping merchants found it very difficult to meet their customer’s demands.

Herbert launched his fledgling venture on the Dock Road in Liverpool and employed a couple of machinists to help with the production of the flags.

By the 1930s Porters employed approximately 20 to 30 staff and began to build up what was to become a valuable export business supplying governments across the world.

The advent of the Second World War bought with it temporary changes to the running of the company. Porters were, in fact, making Nazi flags for the Germans and the onset of war saw this order being cancelled. Despite this, work was far from sparse. Indeed, throughout the hostilities Porters conducted a lot of work for the MoD and even made flags for the D-day landings.

Porters continued to develop and by the 1950’s employed a total of 70 to 80 people.

Customers and Events

Over its history Porters of Liverpool has supplied its flags to several famous and distinguished customers for many important events. Porters are proud to have:

1982 Sir Ranulph Fiennes expedition to the North Pole

Extract from: More Memories of
Liverpool by Freddy O'Connor
© True North Books Limited 2000

Recent History

In 2000, Porters of Liverpool employed over 50 people and many of its flags continued to be manufactured for the British armed forces and for advertising purposes.

Specialised Canvas Services acquired Porters in 2009 and today they continue to produce high quality flags and banners for the military and major events here in the UK and throughout the world.

2011 Porters cross the Mersey

For the first time in it's history Porters moves to the western bank of the Mersey. Following the change of ownership the business needed to find more modern accommodation to allow for the developing workforce.

Royal Standard House in Birkenhead became their new home mid way through the year. The new building provided opportunities to add additional space and ensured that Porters had facilities to operate efficiently as a 21st centaury business.